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Compiler Settings/Preprocessor entries not correctly shown in IDE files

Question asked by Rhys Drummond on Feb 12, 2020

In my CodeWarrior projects (CW MCU 10.7, Windows) I define a few key items in Project Properties (specifically, C/C++ Build-Settings,Tool Settings/ARM GCC Assembler & C Compiler, Preprocessor).  I change the value of these #defines for different build configurations.


This actually works, and it produces the correct compile output. But what is shown in the IDE is not in sync with the build configuration I have selected. It seems to be stuck on one of the build configurations.


I've tried reloading, refreshing, rebuilding index, freshening all files, clean & rebuild, restarting CW, switching build configurations away and back, everything I can find- and the IDE content is still incorrect.


Can anyone please help me get the IDE settings in sync with the selected build configuration?


Thank you in advance.