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No ACK signal issue of NT3H1201 I2C-I/F with the I2C address at 0x55 as the default.

Question asked by Shoji Kobayashi on Feb 13, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2020 by Ricardo Zamora

Dear all,


We are working for the I2C-I/F of NT3H1201 but have not received an ACK signal with the I2C address at 0x55 from SDA of the NT3H1201. Please see the page 3 of the attached file.


When we did put 0x00 on the I2C address field, the NT3H1201 sent an ACK signal back to the I2C master device. So, we suppose that our AC timing implementation must be correct. Please see the page 6 of the attached file.


After setting the I2C address field to 0x00, we did read the user memory space from an HF RFID R/W and saw the original user memory data but could not find the write data on the user memory of the NT3H1201.


As you know well, 0x00 is called "General Call Address" in the I2C specs and seems the broadcast address. So, we will not be able to use the General Call Address at 0x00 for the general write/read operations.


Could you please help us to fix the above no ACK signal issue in NT3H1201?


Thanks and regards.