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MX6ul optee CAAM driver for encryption not giving consistent results

Question asked by Asma Alekar on Feb 12, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2020 by igorpadykov

Hello Everyone,

I am using imx6ul optee caam driver for crypto stuff in my project.
For testing , I am sending 8 bytes of data and 8 bytes of key as input, encryption algo as DES_ECB_NOPAD.

Function sequence I am calling is :

  1. crypto_cipher_alloc_ctx -------> do_allocate(caam_cipher.c)
  2. crypto_cipher_init --------> do_init (caam_cipher.c)
  3. crypto_cipher_update -----> do_update (caam_cipher.c)
  4. crypto_cipher_free_ctx ----->do_free (caam_cipher.c)

The problem I am facing is, I dont get consistent result, i.e sometimes I get encrypted ouput (1 out of 4 run) and sometimes instead of 0's (3 out of 4).

Is there anything I have to take care for Initialisation? Or I have to wait for any signal for encryption to complete.

I appreciate any help, any kind of pointers to search for.