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Need to increase ADC Speed after ADC Calibration in MK60 Device

Question asked by Nandish Jasani on Feb 12, 2020
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   I am working on MK60DN510VMD10 device, software tool is MCUXpresso IDE, i used SDK Files. 


   As per document suggested i configure ADC before doing ADC Calibration. That configuration as follows.


  -> Reference Voltage = Vref (not Valt).

  -> Clock Source = Bus/2 (In my case Bus Clock is 50MHz).

 -> Asynchronous clock is disable.

 -> 8 Clock Divider. (According to that fADCK = 3.125MHz).

 -> Resolution is 16 Bits.

 -> High Speed, Low Power and Continuous Conversion are disable.

 -> Enable Hardware averaging with 32 Samples.


 After this configuration i do ADC Calibration. But now i need to increase fADCK to 6.25MHz after ADC Calibration. My question is, Is there any effect in Calibration after increasing ADC Clock?



Nandish Jasani.