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MPC-LS VNP switch configuration

Question asked by Madhusmita Behera on Feb 12, 2020



I am referring to the example codes for programming SPC5748G in MPC-LS VNP EVB Board and MPC-LS VNP RDB board. The Example codes folder is same for both the boards on NXP website. I am studying switch configuration of SJA1105. According to their schematics both the boards use different part numbers and so their configurations must be different. So there must be different set of example codes for both the boards. The one which is there on NXP website refers to which of the boards MPC-LS VNP EVB or MPC-LS VNP RDB? What are the steps we have to follow to configure switch SJA1105 through SPC5748G?

May I please get the sample codes to program SPC5748G for both the boards and know the procedure for switch configuration?


Thanks and regards,

Ketkee Deshpande.