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Execute hello_world project on the external SDRAM without *.mac file

Question asked by Takeaki Suenaga on Feb 12, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2020 by Kerry Zhou

I'm trying to execute hello_world project without evkmimxrt1064_sdram_init.mac(and with MIMXRT1064xxxxx_sdram.icf) on EVK-MIMXRT1064.

I know that I need to initialize the external SDRAM which *.mac do, so I add the initialization code in SystemInitHook().

But It does not work I expected. I get Hard Fault Exception at the beginning of SystemInit() function.


Why the Exception is occurred?

How do I fix the code to work well?


# I guess it's caused by accessing to uninitialized SDRAM, (because STACK and HEAP are allocated to SDRAM)

# but I cannot to find where it's caused.


Please tell me any ideas or useful documents/website to solve the probrem.


My Environment:

 Target Board: EVK-MIMXRT1064(iMXRT1064)

 Compiler/IDE: IAR EWARM

 ICE: I-Jet

 Project: hello_world(I got from NXP web site,