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10G network performance on LS1046A-RDB

Question asked by Andy Hsu on Feb 11, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2020 by Andy Hsu

I have a LS1046A-RDB evm which is using to test network 10Gbit/s function.


I connected a thunderbolt 3 to 10Gbps NIC adapter on a linux host using cat.7 cable and 10G copper connector (fm1-mac9) on the LS1046A-RDB.


Using netperf and iperf3 software test the network speed between linux host and LS1046A-RDB device.


The MTU is set to 9000 and Maximum L2 frame size set to 9022 and Optimize for jumbo frames set to [*] in Kernel.


The average throughput was measured at 


10G NIC performance

linux host (client) to  LS1046A (server)  is  3.79Gbit/sec
LS1046 (client)   to   linux host (server) is 5.74Gbit/sec


linux host (client) to  LS1046A   (server) is  3.72Gbit/sec
LS1046  (client)   to linux host (server) is  6.10Gbit/sec



Given this is a 10Gbe port the performance seems low.  Is there something obvious that can be done to improve this performance?