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Regarding Multiple Tags detection using CLRC663

Question asked by hasmukh prajapati on Feb 12, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2020 by Alexander Baar

Dear Team,
Greeting of the day!!!

Our application requirement is to detect multiple tags (ICODE SLIX) using CLRC663 reader.
We successfully detected one card and we can also read and write the internal memory blocks of tags.
we have also implemented STAY_QUIT command and its worked fine.
But when we try to detect multiple cards, we got both card's UID with XOR operation. we want to resolve that problem.
We have developed demo code using .jcf script as suggested by NXP but its only for one card detection.
We have researched a lot to get the anti-collision algorithm for ISO-15693 but we didn't get any proper document or sample code to resolve the issue.
Can you please give some suggestion or sample code to detect the multiple cards?
Is it possible to implement the code in the following way?
1. send inventory request
2. Get UID
3. Stay_quit command 


In step 1 we got both cards UID  with XOR operation instead of we want only one card's UID even though two cards are in front of the reader.

Your quick reply would be highly appreciated.