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Discussion created by Jim Bartling on Feb 11, 2020
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I am trying to get the FIRC out to pb5 the following code compiles but traps on the highlighted statement when I try to right the pin mux.


/ port setup


     PTB -> PDDR     |= 0b10000;                                             //Set PORT B5 to an output register






     PORTB-> PCR[0b100000] |= 0b10100000000;                     //set port function to 5 for clkout function


     SCG ->FIRCDIV |= 0b100000000;                                   //Set CLKDIV2 to Divide by 1

     SCG-> FIRCCSR |= 0b1001;                                        //Enable FIRC regulator and FIRC



     SIM->CHIPCTL |= SIM_CHIPCTL_CLKOUTSEL(0b0110);               // select FIRC for input to clkout multiplexor

     SIM->CHIPCTL |= SIM_CHIPCTL_CLKOUTDIV(0b101);               // set clkout divisor to 6 for 8MHz output

     SIM->CHIPCTL |= SIM_CHIPCTL_CLKOUTEN(0b1);                    // enable clkout


     int counter = 0;


     for (;;) {


          counter %= COUNTER_LIMIT;



Any suggestions on how to modify this line of code