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i.MX8M Mini Ethernet signals

Question asked by Nija Mankodi on Feb 11, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2020 by Ruben Charles

Hi NXP team,,


We are designing a product on i.MX8M Mini processor and Ethernet signals are used for VoIP calling.

However, because of mechanical constraint, we have to route Ethernet signals via B2B connector and its flex cable. The total Ethernet differential signals length from RJ45 to processor (including flex cable) goes about 7 inches. I understand that such huge length is not recommended for high speed signals but we have no other option.


So, if there any possibility of using Ethernet differential buffers to maintain signal integrity and avoid losses due to more length? Do you recommend any part for buffers?


Is there any possibility to increase drive strength of these signals to achieve signal integrity or any other option that you can suggest?