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Question about ISP Graph tutorials

Question asked by 英博 赵 on Feb 10, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2020 by Mike Doidge

Hi Professor:

   I have a question about ISP Graph about S32DS.

   In the tutorial documentation, there are parameter available in IPUS kernel:


{D_IPUS_SYN_HOST_XCFG_OFF, (1280<<16) | 0x1},
{D_IPUS_SYN_S_CH0_CFG_INA_OFF, 0x00058000},
{D_IPUS_SYN_S_CH1_CFG_INA_OFF, 0x00058000},
{D_IPUS_SYN_S_CH0_CFG_INA_OFF, 0x10000000},


After reviewing the UM, i get the meaning of these parameters. But are these parameters entered manually?

And Why there exist one warning:" isp_graph_test::debayer_rgb_simple_interleaved 'Parameters' - value should be defined"


Why my "Select Define"block is none?Is it right?


Thanks and Regards,

Richard Zhao