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T1042 RCW source pins issues

Question asked by ankur kumar on Feb 10, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2020 by alexander.yakovlev



          We have built up some 10 prototypes using the T1042 processor and most of these are working. We are able to boot the card through SPI flash. but strangely we are facing a problem with one card. The processor is able to boot as it not getting correct values at RCW source pins. We are using a resistor network to make the desired setting. RCW pins are pulled up to 1.8V  with 4.75k resistor to make high and pulled low with 4.75k to make low wherever required. but wherever we required high, we are getting 1.8V but where we need low we are getting 1.5V. it seems the processor is driving those pins. Pl suggest what could be the reason of getting such voltages. It is card-specific issue but I am not able to resolve it.