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u-boot.imx no mtdparts table

Question asked by jupiter hce on Feb 9, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2020 by igorpadykov


I built u-boot.imx with UBI support, but I could not get ubi information:

=> ubi info
Error, no UBI device/partition selected!


The mtdparts was set:


=> printenv mtdparts


But nothing shown in mtdparts list, where is the mtdparts  table stored in u-boot?

=> mtdparts



=> printenv mtdids
## Error: "mtdids" not defined


=> setenv mtdids "nand0=gpmi-nand"


=> printenv mtdids


=> mtdparts
Device nand0 not found!


What was missing  here? The mtdparts command is to list partition table, where is the partition table? I guess that partition table is located from dtb installation, it's address is 0x90000000, what is the command to set mtdparts to read mtd partition from dtb?


=> printenv fdt_addr

=> print dtb_addr


Thank you.


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- jh