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Warning C5651

Question asked by mimais on Mar 30, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2009 by mimais

Dear All,


I am using CodeWarrior v.5.9.0 (build 2404) with an MC9S08QE64 MCU and in my project I get the warning:


C5651: Local variable <variable> may be not initialized


This is the piece of code written to stimulate the warning:


typedef struct{
 char par1 :4;
 char par2 :4;

char fun(typeparam param);

void main(void) {
 typeparam data;
 char ret;
 data.par1 = 2;
 data.par2 = 1;

 ret = fun(data);
 for(;; ) {

char fun(typeparam param){
 if(param.par1 == 1) return 1;
 if(param.par2 == 2) return 2;
 return 3;


The variable data in main function  seems to be initialized but I get the warning:


 C5651: Local variable "data" may be not initialized


Could someone explain me why?