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i.MX 8M Mini EVK UART4 unavailable

Question asked by Ronan Le Gallic on Feb 7, 2020
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My question is: how to send IMSG traces to uart4?


In details:
- I work with an i.MX 8M Mini EVK board (machine imx8mm)
- I have built an image (full-command-line) from imx-linuxwarrior (imx-4.19.35-1.1.0)
- Boot is OK, testx is OK
- I can build and run optee demo samples BUT no way to see IMSG text.


I build TA with CFG_TEE_TA_LOG_LEVEL ?= 4
I checked in "conf.mak" that trace is enabled: CFG_TEE_CORE_TA_TRACE=y


In this file I see also that CFG_UART_BASE=UART2_BASE
- is it the right value?
- if not, where to change this value to be compiled  with (i see this value in many .mk files...)


In another file "build/tmp/work-shared/imx8mmevk/kernel-source/arch/arm64/boot/dts/freescale/fsl-imx8mm-m4.dts"

I tried to change the status of uart4:

&uart4 {
    status = "okay";

but no change, uart4 is still silent.


Thanks in advance for your help.


Best Regards