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S32DS ISP Demo Not Compiling

Question asked by Niranjan ravi on Feb 7, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2020 by Jiri Kral



         I installed .exe file from here:


(I am aware it is a older revision but I wanted to test something in this)


I then imported this directory

C:\nxp\S32DS_Vision_v2018.R1\S32DS\s32v234_sdk\demos\isp\isp_sonyimx224_rgb_yuv_gs8. It not compiling and it is unable to include the header files present inside

 C:\nxp\S32DS_Vision_v2018.R1\S32DS\s32v234_sdk    [SDK ROOT Path]


I have added the path to environmental variables and did all the steps. But unsure why this is not compiling.

Can anyone help me to fix it?

Hardware: s32v234

Thanks and Regards