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Error when using interprocedural analysis at program level

Question asked by andreasschönmann on Feb 6, 2020

I am writing code for the MPC5645S architecture using Codewarrior MCU V10.6 with General Update V1.0.0.
Previously, the code was compiled and linked via command line with option '-ipa file' which did not make any problems.
Now I want to use the interprocedural analysis at program level ('-ipa program'), but when trying to link the optimized files the following error message appears:


### mwldeppc.exe Driver Error:
# License check failed: No such feature exists.
# Feature: Win32_Plugins_Link_PPC
# License path: C:\Freescale\CW MCU v10.6\MCU\Bin\..\license.dat;
# FLEXnet Licensing error:-5,357
# For further information, refer to the FLEXnet Licensing documentation,
# available at "".

Errors caused tool to abort.

### mwcceppc.exe Driver Error:
# linker 'C:\Freescale\CW MCU v10.6\MCU\PA_Tools\Command_Line_Tools\mwldeppc.exe' returned with exit code 1

Errors caused tool to abort.


The USB dongle is connected to my PC, else it would not link the code because it exceeds the code size limit.
I searched for the feature 'Win32_Plugins_Link_PPC' in the list of available licenses that I could activate on the nxp website, but I did not find anything related.

How can I get the interprocedural analysis work at program level?
Thanks for your help!