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Question about i.MX7ULP camera interface and graphic feature

Question asked by ko-hey on Feb 6, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2020 by Yuri Muhin

Hi all,


Our customer plan to use i.MX7ULP and have some question about capturing camera image and graphic feature.


Q1. About capturing camera image

According to the reference manual, i.MX7ULP has a VIU but I can't understand the difference between VIU and CSI which is implemented in i.MX7D.


The main difference is as follow. Am I correct ?



・Up to 1/8 video down-scaling on horizontal and vertical direction

・Up to 2/1 horizontal video up-scaling
・Horizontal mirroring
・Brightness/contrast adjust
・YUV to RGB 888/565 conversion
・RGB to YUV conversion when input is RGB



・Configurable master clock frequency output to sensor.
・Statistic data generation for Auto Exposure (AE) and Auto White Balance (AWB) control of the camera (only for Bayer data and 8-bit/pixel format).
・Supports simple deinterlacing of interlaced input.



Q2.About graphic feature

They plan to use i.MX7ULP without GPU (MCIMX7U3DVK07SC).

Does the device have PXP instead of GPU ?


They don't need GPU but want to image Rotation and Overlay.

If they choose i.MX7ULP without GPU, they need to do it in Arm core. Am I correct ?