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i.MX287 VDDA output current

Question asked by Jerry Huang on Feb 5, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2020 by igorpadykov

Hi, NXP:


Recently, I want to use i.MX287 for basic system network because the chip has integral PMU reducing complexity.

However, one parameter needs to be clarified.


VDDA, which is the DDR source from i.MX287, can supply maximal 200mA for DDR2.

After measuring current through R31 on i.MX28 EVK, RMS value is under 200mA but peak value is around 560mA.

Ch1 is the voltage of VDDA_1V8, and Ch4 is the current through R31 on i.MX28 EVK.


What kind of value can stand for VDDA maximal output current? RMS, peak, average or else?

If this 200mA is RMS value, I can select W971G series which is same as i.MX287 EVK, and everything meets specification.

If this 200mA is peak value, I want to know the design concept of i.MX287 EVK. Why is this current value over specification?


Thank you.