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Can I burn eFuses for iMX8M Mini family using direct register access via JTAG?

Question asked by Stefan Konrad on Feb 5, 2020
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I have a similar question as in .


We have programmed some of the eFuses (a.o. Boot cfg., MAC addresses) of various iMX6 devices with direct OCOTP_CTRL register access via JTAG.


For a new project we should do the same for iMX8M Mini/Nano devices.

Based on the On-Chip OTP Controller section in the i.MX 8M Mini Applications Processor Reference Manual, Rev. 2, 08/2019 the programming of the Fuses looks the same as on the iMX6.


However, the article on this site (

claims, only SECO and SCU can access eFuses (using sc_misc_otp_fuse_read() and sc_misc_otp_fuse_write()).


The i.MX8M Mini RM does not mention anything about SECO and SCU.


Thus, I’m wondering if the SCFW API calls are only needed on iMX8 members having AHAB and a specific SCU.


Could you check if the eFuses of iMX8M Mini can be accessed via JTAG register reads/writes to OCOTP_CTRL registers?