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Query in integrating NHD-2.8-240320AF-CSXP-FT display with 6ULL processor

Question asked by Ranjith Kumar on Feb 5, 2020
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We are planning to use i.MX 6ULL processor and NHD-2.8-240320AF-CSXP-FT display with in-built ST7789V controller using 16-bit interface in one of our projects. While we had searched for the device drivers for the display we hadn't able to find anything and when we asked the display vendor also they said that they are not having any Linux device drivers but they had given Arduino code for the same. When we are surfing through the internet we had found one NXP community case where they were asking the similar type of question for 6UL and 7D processor. We have followed the same procedure for 6ULL processor also and created a patch file for the same which is also attached in this case. We had changed the LCD setup as per the procedure given in the link provided by the display vendor in the mxsfb_st7789s_qvga.c file. Important HW connections for the LCD with the processor is listed below.

LCD Side PinsProcessor Side Pins


We wish to know that whether the changes done by us in kernel source is correct or not and is there any further changes needed to be done in U-boot?


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