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Tech question for SL3S1013FTB0,115

Discussion created by Takashi Matsumura on Feb 5, 2020
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Dear NXP team,


Thank you for supporting us.

This is Takashi from Digi-key.


I have customer question below;


Costumer is using SL3S1013FTB0,115 of NXP Semiconductors.
In his experiments, the sensitivity (minimum input power) was -7dBm,
though in the datasheet, typical value of minimum input power is -17.5dBm.
That is, the prototype is around 10dB worse than the data sheet value.

So he is inquiring of the advice for improvement

The measurement conditions are as the following.

R/W: The product of OMRON (EPC Gen2)
A matching circuit (loss=0.1dB) is used before the receiving circuit.
from R to Tag: DSB-ASK, PIE encode
from Tag to R: Miller sub-carrier, BLF: 400kHz, M=4
Communication speed:
from R to Tag: 60kbps
from Tag to R: 100kbps
Communication command:
Read command in the region of EPC code memory

Also, when using the product (Tag) of other company, communication error
did not occur in the unreceivable level for the prototype which uses NXP's IC.


Could you advise us about improving the performance of prototype ?

Thank you so much for your patience