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XBAR for Qtimer

Question asked by Andre marcus on Feb 4, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2020 by jeremyzhou

I dont know much about Xbar peripheral and I hope someone can answer my question. I am using this pin GPIO_AD_B1_00 for outputing a PWM with variable duty cycle each period, using Qtimer3_Timer0, and DMA. Please see below.


      IOMUXC_GPIO_AD_B1_00_QTIMER3_TIMER0,    /* GPIO_AD_B1_00 is configured as QTIMER3_TIMER0 */


Now, I need two PWMs generated using DMA, and Qtimer. I have managed to get one PWM working, but I have only the pin mentioned above available to be used for PWM with Qtimer. Is there any way I can use Qtimer with any other GPIO to generate the desired PWM through XBAR? I am just thinking of a way of demuxing the output of Qtimer3_Timer0 to two GPIOs.