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Need information to start with i.MX8M Mini

Question asked by on Feb 5, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2020 by Bio_TICFSL

Hello NXP community,


I am completely new here to this community and also to NXP microcontrollers. In the past I was working with many microcontrollers made by other manufacturers. Now our company is going for i.MX8Mini and my job will be to develop firmware for the Cortex M4F in it. Unfortunately I can't find very much information on this, neither on the hardware side nor the software side. Thats why I come here with a number of questions:

- Where does the cortex M4F core get its program from? There seems to be no flash, only TCM. How is that loaded?

- Is a start of the cortex M4 after power up possible without starting the cortex A53?

- How is either of the cores accessing peripherals while assuring that there will be no collisions? Can one core block a peripheral for all other cores or something like that?

- How do the A53 and M4 core communicate with each other? Which are the limitations of the communication interfaces (throughput, buffer sizes...)

- Is there an IDE ideally GCC based for the Cortex M4 with some example projects to start from?

- How do I upload a program from IDE to cortex M4 and test it totaly independant of the A53 cores?

- Which debugging options do I have? Is there SWD or JTAG? Which external tools do I need? Are they supported by the named IDE?


Our goal is to use the M4 core for low power and basic functionality and use A53 cores only when their computing power is needed. So there are basically two independent applications on M4 and A53 cores.


Thanks a lot for any help


kind regards