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How to use the m.2 murata uSD adapter with the evk-imx8mm?

Question asked by CESAR MIGUEL on Feb 4, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2020 by Joan Xie

I am working with the evk-imx8mm card and I am adding the uSD m.2 adapter with the 1MW module, I am using Android 9 Pie, I have been able to successfully add the wifi, however I cannot add the bluetooth.



I have based on the development made for the evk-imx8mm-ddr4 which has the cypress module however I could not use the bluetooth. I think it may be because of the change of the UART port. In evk-imx8mm-ddr4 it is in UART1 (ttymxc0) and in evk-imx8mm I want to use it in UART3 (ttymxc2). I have made changes to DTS and disabled port UART1 and enabled UART3.