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How to not have MPL115A2 brick so easily.

Question asked by Lisa Dischinger on Feb 4, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2020 by Jose Alberto Reyes Morales



Our intent is to create our own PCB with an array of the MPL115A2 barometric sensors. We followed the documentation and set up the correct circuit support, but upon attaching the sensors to our board and supplying a voltage of 5V we have bricked through the majority of our sensors. We think that they are bricked because the power source senses a short and will not supply anything. We have had only one success and I am able to ping the sensor for I2C communications.


Those of you who have created your own PCB with these sensors, have you had a similar problem. I know the issue could be anything from our physical circuit, our attachment of the sensors to how we are initially power cycling them. Any insight that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Attached is our schematic, we have only gotten as far as what is highlighted in blue (no ATtiny or AVR header attached); right now we are just attaching a sensor and having them powered and communicate through their own I2C lines through the 4 pins on the side. Essentially, our current board is just mimicking that of the Adafruit MPL115A2 breakout board ( ). We need a smaller footprint with more of the sensors, that is why we are creating our own board.