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Expiration Date for software for SLN-ALEXA-IOT kit

Question asked by Hiroya Takayama on Feb 3, 2020

Nice to meet you.

I'm Takayama.


I would like to ask about SLN-ALEXA-IOT kit.

I purchased this device and downloaded the sample software


It is as follows.


If there is no serial number information displayed here,

your product does not require a license key.

Contact NXP Semiconductors directly for more information.

-> No serial number, so no license key is required.


On the other hand, Expiration Date is as follows.


  Registered Date 01/06/2020

  Expiration Date 07/04/2020


If there is a software update after the expiration date,

Can't I use the new software?



Hiroya Takayama <>