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i2c issue when connected to sgtl5000

Question asked by Deepanraj Anbarasan on Feb 4, 2020
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Ours is a custom board based on imx6 processor. We are using sgtl5000 as our audio codec. Our custom board is run on both battery powered and also through AC power. In initial testing, We tested the board with battery everything seemed to work fine. But when we try to charge the battery in between. The SGTL5000 card and also all other slave devices connected to the I2c is gone bad or is not valid for the processor even after a soft reboot. But everything works when the device is power cycled physically. We also checked with SGTL5000 errata and provided the workaround with external regulator but this issue persist only when the board is given a external power supply in between.


The entire I2C 1 is going bad after this issue and we are not able to control the i2C from the U-boot also. Please let us know is there anything we can check in software or hardware to ensure proper functional working of the i2c or the SGTL5000 codec.


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