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Unused flash memory on xdg128b and illegal address reset

Discussion created by Ganesh Nalawade on Mar 29, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2009 by Tom Thompson

Hello Friends,


I am new in this group,i am working on 9s12xdg128 microcontroller,what action we should take for unused FLASH memory? suppose my programme counter goes into unknown location of flash ,may be out of flash then how i can reset my programe so that my hardware unit not stuck.


There are two cases programe counter may be go into : 1.out of flash memory

                                                                            2.PC go into unused flash memory but that loacation within the flash memory range. 


in that case I think internal watchdog may not be work.but i think in illegal address reset may occure is it right? if yes then what about i heard that we should write opcode of SWI in unused flash.but where i should write ?please help is very necessary for me.


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