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Added NAND and UBI, but ubi is still missing in u-boot

Question asked by jupiter hce on Feb 2, 2020
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I added nand and ubi in my machine conf file to extend support ubi from imx6ullevk.conf:


include conf/machine/imx6ullevk.conf


UBOOT_CONFIG[nand] = "mx6ull_14x14_evk_nand_config,ubifs"


It built the u-boot.imx-nand, but the ubi was still not included in the u-boot.imx-nand:


is still an error of "Unknown command 'ubi'" in u-boot, how to fix it?


Also, how to get fw_printenv and fw_setenv work in u-boot and Linux? I followed instructions from a link Linux For Engineers: Modify U-boot Configuration in Linux User Space! , that doesn't work.


Thank you.


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- jh