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Overwrite u-boot parameters

Question asked by jupiter hce on Feb 1, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2020 by Radhika Somaiya


I have created my machine to include imx6ullevk.conf to allow me to overwrite some of u-boot parameters over imx6ullevk.conf. In imx6ullevk.conf, I can overwrite u-boot parameter "console" via SERIAL_CONSOLE, but what are names of other macros / parameters in imx6ullevk.conf I could overwrite u-boot mtdparts, bootargs, bootcmd etc in my machine conf file? Is it also possible to create my own u-boot new parameters such as nand-boot, dtbaddr etc?


In general, I would like to see the the what names I could defined to overwrite u-boot source configure file, are there any document to show links  between defined macros / parameters and the u-boot configure source so change macros / parameters in machine conf file could easily overwrite or create new parameters during u-boot build?


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