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[CCS last error: T1040: Core not responding ](CCSProtocolPlugin) error after flashing wrong RCW/wrong Place. T1042D4RDB-64B.

Question asked by Ahmet Demir on Feb 3, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2020 by Yiping Wang

Hello NXP,


With using QCSV and T1042D4RDB - 64B,

I accidentally flashed a new RCW into wrong(I guess) place in NOR flash (in both BANK 0 and BANK 4). Now the board is not booting and ASLEEP ping is always lit. When I try to flash a correct RCW (from SDK v2.0 - 1703, rcw_source1400mhz.bin)  into correct place, CW is throwing;


[CCS last error: T1040: Core not responding ](CCSProtocolPlugin) error


Switch settings were,

SW1: 0001 0011

SW2: 1011 1001

SW3: 1110 0001


After crahsing first bank, I changed SW[3] to 1 to jump on BANK4. I did same mistake on BANK4. I was trying to write offset 0xE801FFFF which is the end adress of RCW (current bank), not start adress. Now I am not able to use both BANK0 and BANK4.


I am using latest Code Warrior.

I will be appriciated for any help.