Oliver Betz

MCF5225x peripheral access speed?

Discussion created by Oliver Betz on Mar 27, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2009 by Rich Testardi

Hi all,


the MCF52259 docs contain no data about the speed for accesses to internal peripherals (IPS). Since the MCF5213 was extremly slow in this respect: Does anybody know whether the  MCF52259 is faster?


IOW how fast can the MCF52259 toggle a port pin (by software control)? The MCF5213 needed 12 cycles for consecutive accesses to "off platform peripherals" like port registers, so the loop couldn't be executed in less than 24 cycles, resulting in 3,3MHz at 80MHz bus speed.


If there is still a difference: Is there a list of "platform peripherals" and "off platform peripherals" in the 5225x?