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How to calibrate DDR4 on i.MX8M-nano with i.MX/Mscale DDR Tool?

Question asked by Michael Glembotzki on Jan 31, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2020 by Bernhard Fink

Using the provided guides, the following error occurs, while using Mscale DDR Tool:

"Error: failed to download image(0 bytes is sent)"

i.MX 8M Family DDR Tool Release 



Could you please verify the configuration is right? I would expect the Number of Bank Group addresses is 2, but the field is not editable.


Further infos:

- custom board using i.MX8M-nano

- DDR4: MT40A1G16KNR-075:E (please see addressing table below)

- PMIC: BD71847AMWV-E2 (not quiete sure, if you need this info)