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MWCT1013 Source Code/JTAG?

Question asked by wpsigma on Jan 30, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2020 by xiangjun.rong

Hello, I am running into some issues using Freescale CodeWarrior USB TAP (hardware) and CodeWarrior and FreeMASTER (software). My device isn''t recognized. I cannot find any drivers for this. The tap came with no documentation or software. I've managed to find stuff on NXP site.


In CodeWarrior, I cannot attach to target.


I am using this to change FOD and Q factor detection for the 15W-1CFFPD dev board. 15W Transmitter. Somehow I managed to wipe the chip, I can no longer charge a device. Where can I find source code for the chip? How can I connect with JTAG? The program says I have no device connected.


Edit: I am using CodeWarrior 11.1 with the newest update. 


Edit#2: On the bottom, it says ONCE, but I am plugged into the JTAG connector of the board.