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LSDK 19.09 How to use Dockerfile image (LS1012A)?

Question asked by Christophe SCHMID on Jan 30, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2020 by Christophe SCHMID

Hi all,


Coming back on a question I asked a few days ago in another of my post: 


It started with the fact that WSL2, despite said so, is not available as of today for the normal Windows user.

WSL does, sure but not WSL2. There are some nice advantages I won'd listen here in rolling WSL2 where possible.


So I am looking for an alternative and see NXP also provides Docker files I of course immediately started playing with.

I picked the 18.04 Ubuntu Docker file and also managed to build an image (~1.2 Gbytes at the end) on my Windows 10 machine. I use Docker for Windows community edition to build my image and also run to manage my local containers. Run latest Windows 10 OS version and latest Docker for Windows version. All perfect so far.


Where it starts to not working well is when I try to use the container: it's not interactive and when starting it it immediately exits, no logs, no error but just no starting.


Of course I read the LSDK 


Layerscape Software Development Kit User Guide
Supports: LSDK 19.09-update-311219


I specifically talk about §4.1.1 Host system requirements, section "Emulate Ubuntu 18.04 environment using Docker container (optional)". I find this approach nice and absolutely logic - but it seems not to work and there are no instructions given how to use it except the Makefile.


Can anybody tell me here how I am supposed to run Docker container? And yes: the Container runs on a Windows host that runs Docker daemon but this shall not be the issue.


Thx Christophe