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RT1020 - What address spaces are available to the DCD?

Question asked by rshipman on Jan 30, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2020 by Jing Pan

Document: i.MX RT1020 Processor Reference Manual, Rev. 1, 12/2018

Section: 8.2 Overview

Page: 187


It says: "The DCD is restricted to the memory areas and peripheral addresses that are considered essential for the boot purposes (see Write data command)."


So I followed the link to here:


Section: Write data command

Page: 248


The NOTE at the end of this subsection says: "The list of allowable blocks and target addresses for the chip are provided below".

I can't find the list of allowable addresses (for the DCD). The table is missing.


The reference manual for the RT1050 does have a table after the equivalent NOTE (Table 9-42. Valid DCD address ranges).

Can I assume the address ranges are the same for the RT1020?


Many thanks.