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S32K144EVB-Q100 cannot flash S32K144 chip

Question asked by Denis Kotov on Jan 28, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2020 by Daniel Martynek

Hello all,


For test purpose I have changed manually io_table.c pin configuration (g_pin_mux_InitConfigArrand configured most of pins as PORT_PIN_DISABLED ...

But after this small modification microcontroller stooped response back to OpenSDA embedded on board ...

As result I cannot debug or flash firmware to chip anymore ...


The error is following:

Error in services launch sequence
PEmicro GDB Launch Failure : The GDB Server was not able to establish a connection to the target processor. Please check your connections and power. Verify that the launch settings in the Debug Configuration are accurate.


How to restore the board ? Have anybody faced with the same issue ?