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Why MCU Reset on Ke02?

Question asked by Dinesh babu on Jan 28, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2020 by Sabina Bruce


I am using mke02z32vlc4 controller. In that i configure the IRQ pin as external interrupt. I know that is Reset pin, I am disabled the reset pin in my code at initial stage. The controller getting reset at once in debug mode. Then it was working fine in external interrupt in debug mode. When i switching off and on (normal state) the controller was not working(hanging). and it didn't respond the external interrupts.

I am using MCUXpresso 10.3

I have listed my questions below,


1) why controller resetting at initial state in debug mode? 

2) why controller not working in normal state (not debug mode)?

3) Why register value not updating after this SIM-> SOPT &= ~SIM_SOPT_RSTPE_MASK; 

Here I have clear the Reset pin and set as IRQ pin. 

still Reset is activate and then second time reset was deactivate in debug mode. 

Note : i am not using watch dog timer.


I am also checked with example codes in IRQ on Mke02, that code also react same.


i have attached that code.


Could you help find out root cause?


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