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Best evaluation board for QorIQ T1022 processor?

Question asked by on Jan 27, 2020
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We are looking at QorIQ T1022 as our potential processor and would like to know the best evaluation board for it. We will be using DDR4 RAM, Gigabit Ethernet, PCIe interfaces, etc., so the evaluation board should support them.


I came across the following boards on the NXP website which seem suitable:


#1. QorIQ® T1040 Reference Design Board: QorIQ® T1040 Reference Design Board | NXP 


#2. QorIQ T1042 DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM, DDR4 MEMORY: T1042D4RDB-PA Product Information|NXP 


Based on my quick scan, it seems that #2 would be our best bet. However, when I click on the "Product Summary" link, I get nagivated to #1, QorIQ® T1040 Reference Design Board. 


Where do I get details of the T1042D4RDB-PA evaluation board? 

Could anyone please suggest the best option?


Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!