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USB with graphical interface with IMXRT1062

Question asked by marcellocampani on Jan 28, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2020 by marcellocampani

Good morning everyone

I'm using the mimxrt1060-evk

I need to integrate usb host functionality in a design with graphical interface.

To do this I mixed the examples "emwin slide show" and the host_msd_fafts_bm.

Because of the memory needed by emwin I need to use the external SDRAM for data.

With this configuration the usb example doesn't work.

To isolate the problem I tried simply to change the memory used by the usb example alone from the default SRAM_DTC to board_sdram moving up this latter to the first position in memory configuration. With this memory configuration the usb example doesn't work anymore. Any suggestion?

Thank you in advance for collaboration.