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Derivative could not be unsecured

Question asked by Ankit Sultania on Jan 28, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2020 by Hrudaynath Yelgudkar

Hello, i am trying to upload my first code in devkit-s12xe

i am using code warrior v5.2 which is running in a 32bit windows 10 which is running on a VM inside a linux system.
i am using "Lab2_ADC_PWM_S12XE.mcp" example, after i go to debug i get this error
"The target MCU has no clock or wrong BDM clock speed is used or derivative is secured."
after reading a few posts, it seems like i have to unsecure the chip.
when i try to do that, i get this error

"Derivative could not be unsecured.

The unsecure file might be missing or disabled.

make sure the ....

it seems like the crystal on the board is 8Mhz, but i have tried all 4 clock speeds while doing the above process.


only the PU_ST (Green ) LED is constantly ON,no other led turns on or blinks when i reset the borad.


Is there any IDE for available for linux ?
is there something i am doing wrong ?