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FS65 wdg error counter not incrementing

Question asked by Razvan Simtion on Jan 28, 2020
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Thank you in advance for your time on responding to my question.I have the following issue regarding the FS65:

The watchdog error counter does not increment when a wrong refresh is performed (either with a wrong data refresh or wrong timing refresh).

A bad read of the register who shows the status of the watchdog error counter (WD_COUNTER) is excluded since the WD_RFR_2:0 bits who report the  value of the watchdog refresh counter are incrementing when the Wdg is properly refreshed. However the WD_ERR_2:0 bits who report the value of the wdg error counter are not incrementing, even tough in the register WD_ANSWER, the WD_BAD_DATA and/or WD_BAD_TIMING bits are '1' (Wrong WD data refresh/Wrong WD timing refresh) , thing that represents an wdg error and it should increment the watchdog error counter.

Any idea why concerning this behaviour?