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BOOT problem on MIMXRT1064DVL6A board

Discussion created by Lacouture Patrice on Jan 27, 2020
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I have design a board that includes :
- a MIMXRT1064DVL6A processor,
- Memory IS42s16160j,
- SD card slot,
- A led
I was inspired by IMXRT1064 EVKB Board to design it. I am trying to program the board with the GPIO_LED_Output exemple. I succeed to program with JTAG but the led is not blinking. I thing I have a problem of BOOT (refer to picture "recL1L5" Disassembly part).
I succeed to program on the IMXRT1064 EVKB Board by setting SW7 to QSPI Flash (refer to picture "eval" Disassembly part).
In the board that I designed, I have not the BOOT_MODE pin connected (GPIO_AD_B0_04, PIO_AD_B0_05).
Do I need to have these GPIO connected (to a switch as the EVK) to work?
How can I program in the internal Flash of the processor without using BOOT_MODE pin?
In my design, "ONOFF" and "WAKEUP" are not connected.
I think that these pin can be not connected
Thank you,
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Patrice Lacouture