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LPC1549 timer pins, is the UM incorrect?

Question asked by Rob Gray on Jan 24, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2020 by Felipe García

After building an Altium part with pin assignments as per section 6.1 (Pin Description) of UM10736 (Rev. 1.2 — 28 December 2017) I then find section 9 (Input Multiplexing) and it seems to have a different idea about which external pins can be selected as inputs to the timers. 


For example


Table 127. SCT0 Input mux registers 0 to 6 — This shows that a 0x0 value selects PIO0_2 as an input.


However in section 6 PIO0_2 is described as




In this section the pin is connected to SCT1, not SCT0 as stated in the Input Mux section. The same applied to about 10 different pins I checked.


Am I going nuts, misreading something, or is the document bad?