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i.MX 8M Secure Boot Procedure and OTP customization

Question asked by Ashok Soundararajan on Jan 23, 2020

Hi Experts,


I am currently working in i.MX 8M based SOM and built a BSP for the same using Yocto Project.  Now I want to add Secure Booting feature but most of the documents are confusing and misleading.  Please provide step by step procedure or document to enable Secure Boot feature in both SOM and U-Boot.


And also in one forum I have read that certificates in SOM are stored in One Time Programmable (OTP) memory location of SOM. If its the case, it will not be helpful for my requirement because, in the development stage I may have to change the certificates multiple times. Is there any way that certificates in SOM can be flashed multiple time.




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