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what interrupts types we can ignore and what not in MPC5777C MCU

Question asked by venkata visweswarachari Mallavarapu on Jan 23, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2020 by David Tosenovjan

Hi Support Team,


We are using MPC5777C MCU in our Aero project. I have to list out the interrupts which have the enable/disable capability. 

From e200Z759N3 Core Reference Manual i understood that  we are using IVOR0 to IVOR15 and IVOR32 - IVOR35  and IVOR16 - IVOR are reserved.

Each IVOR is a unique interrupt type. 


From Machine State Register (MSR), i understood below interrupts are enable/disable by writing 1/0 in specific bit in MSR register.

Critical Interrupt

Watchdog timer interrupt

External Interrupt 

Machine Check 

Debug Interrupt 

SPE/EFPU Available


Is this my understanding is correct? what about the other interrupt types, is that below interrupt types have enable/disable capability,if so let me know the register names.

Data Storage

Instruction Storage



Floating-point unavailable

System cal

AP unavailable



Please let me know what interrupt types we can ignore and what not.