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SoC SION bit doesn't "follow" RT1064 Ref.Manual description of SW_MUX_CTL Register

Question asked by Steve Surowinski on Jan 23, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2020 by Yuri Muhin

I needed I2C-3 peripheral, so I configured it using pinTool v.7 routing to available pins.

The code generated by pinTool shows nothing unusual, the SION bits for both SDA [J12] and SCL [K10] pins are set by pinTool to "0" which per Ref.Manual (page 473)  means:


SION:   0 DISABLED — Input Path is determined by functionality


Problem with above is, when testing the I2C, the SoC peripheral does not work. 

It does work however, when I manually set this bit in code to "1", which per Ref.Manual means:


SION:   1 ENABLED — Force input path of pad GPIO_AD_B1_06


Even if my understanding of SION bit is incorrect, why pinTool generates the code with SION bit setting that makes I2C-3 inoperable? And why I have to manually make correction, also against RT1064 Ref.Manual ?


This looks like a serious bug. Or am I missing something here?