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Is it possible to create multiple MCUXpresso Config Tool configurations for one IAR EWARM project?

Question asked by Stefan Mitterhauser on Jan 23, 2020
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we have one IAR EWARM project with multiple configurations. Each configuration could be a different product, therefore it is necessary to create different pin_mux/clock/.. settings for each EWARM configuration. Is this somehow possible with MCUXpresso Config Tools v7?

If I create two .mex files at the same folder level as the EWARM project file it will create pin_mux, clock_mux in the board subfolder. My first idea was to create this file/folder structure:

<project workspace>
|-- config1.mex
|-- config2.mex
|-- ewarmproject.eww
   |  |-- pin_mux.c
   |  |-- pin_mux.h
   |  |-- clocks.c
   |  |-- clocks.h
      |-- pin_mux.c
      |-- pin_mux.h
      |-- clocks.c
      |-- clocks.h

In the MEX files there are the following entries for every MCUXpresso Tool

            <file path="board/Config1/pin_mux.c" update_enabled="true"/>
            <file path="board/Config1/pin_mux.h" update_enabled="true"/>

For config1.mex these entries would include the path board/Config1 and for the config2.mex it would be board/Config2. After changing the <generated_project_files> paths for all tools and saving the file, I opened the MEX file with MCUXpresso Tool and changed one pin setting. After saving and generating the source code I realized that MCUXpresso Tools still used the pin_mux.c file of Config2 despite changing the generated_project_files path to Config1. The other tools used the Config1 path. In addition to this MCUXpresso Tools changed the <generated_project_files> paths back to Config2. It looks like the tool is not using the paths written in the MEX file.


Do you have any idea how we could implement multiple clock/pin/peripherals/dcd settings for one EWARM project? We would like to put the MEX files in the same directory as the EWARM project file so MCUXpresso can read the project settings and give hints for missing drivers.

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