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Restoring access to LPC-Link 2

Question asked by Tamir Michael on Jan 23, 2020
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I have a LPC-Link 2 device whose flash has been wiped, so it does not work anymore as a debug server. I am aware of LPCScrypt, but it relies on DFU mode which I am not sure how to enter here: If the flash is wiped, and no jumper is mounted, will DFU mode be entered? I see that the USB device works:


Bus 001 Device 027: ID 1fc9:0090 NXP Semiconductors LPC-LINK2 CMSIS-DAP V5.224

immediately after I wide the device, however if I power cycle lsusb reports:


Bus 001 Device 028: ID 1fc9:000c NXP Semiconductors LPC

"dfu-util -l" returns no results, so LPCScrypt cannot work.


If I execute the script "boot_lpcscrypt" (LPCScrypt), I see


Looking for DFU devices with VID 1fc9 PID 000c ...
dfu-util -d 0x1fc9:0x000c -c 0 -i 0 -t 2048 -R -D /home/tamirmichael/lpcscrypt182/lpcscrypt/scripts/../bin/LPCScrypt_158.bin.hdr
(ignoring exit dfu-util code 1 after successful operation)
Booted LPCScrypt target (0x1fc9:0x000c) with /home/tamirmichael/lpcscrypt182/lpcscrypt/scripts/../bin/LPCScrypt_158.bin.hdr

but then I get an error when I execute "program_CMSIS":

LPCScrypt - CMSIS-DAP firmware programming script v1.5.2 June 2015.

Connect an LPC-Link2 or LPCXpresso V2/V3 Board via USB then press Space.
Booting LPCScrypt
Boot Failed!
Ensure One Debug Probe is configured to DFU-Boot and connected via USB.
- For LPC-Link2: remove link JP1 (nearest USB) and power cycle
- For LPCXpresso V2/V3: make DFU link and power cycle


Is the device dead or can I somehow enter DFU mode and use LPCScrypt?


Thanks in advance.